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Special Rules for the SIG and Member Announcements Forum


This board is for announcements of Pagan events, new web sites, personal announcements, announcements of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) created on this web site, wiki projects, etc. Announcements of a purely non-profit nature may be posted here by any Regular Member provided that the rules below are followed and the announcement is clearly and directly related to a Pagan religion, the Pagan community, or The Cauldron’s Community. Announcements that are not clearly and obviously non-profit or that are not clearly and obviously directly Pagan or Cauldron community related still require obtaining the permission of a Co-Host or Senior Staff member prior to posting. Clearly “for profit” announcements are ads — posting them here without permission is considering posting spam.

Special Rules

1) One time announcements should have their own topic. The subject of this topic should give enough info to allow a reader to decide if it is relevant to him/her from the title alone. For example, “Pagan Pride Day Announcement” is unacceptable as it does not give where/when. “Pagan Pride in Atlanta, GA Sept 8-9 2020” is acceptable.

2) If your group is going to have a series of announcements (for example, regular moots or meetings), you should start a single topic for your group and make each announcement in that topic. For example: If you are associated with the “Pagan Community Center” in London, you should start a topic with a subject like “Pagan Community Center (London, UK) Events” and post each event announcement in that topic. You first post shouldn’t be an announcement but should give basic information about the group, including a link to its web page (if any).

3) Announcements about Special Interest Groups (SIGs) should all be in one topic for the group. The initial post (probably made when the Special Interest Group is created) should describe the group, its purpose, and any qualifications for membership if membership is only by application.

4) Announcements should be informative and not read like advertising hype. If the announcement sounds like it was written to sell used cars rather to inform, it may get deleted.

5) Generally, limit yourself to one announcement per event. Major events (annual regional festivals, conventions, and the like) should create a topic for their festival and may post monthly announcements so long as there is new info to announce — and may make as many announcements as needed with last minute info in the month before the event.

6) All normal forum rules apply. For example, as racist posts aren’t allowed, an announcement for a racist Pagan event is not allowed.

Announcements that do not conform to these rules (in the opinion of a Co-Host or Senior Staff member) are subject to deletion without notice.

These rules (and this entire board) are experimental and subject to change at any time. Be sure to check these rules for changes before posting an announcement.

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