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About the Prayer and Energy Requests Forum (Special Rules)

Forum Purpose:

This forum is for requests for other members to pray for someone, send healing energy, and such positive requests. Unlike most other forums in The Cauldron’s Discussions area, this forum is not intended for debate and discussion. This forum is not the place to argue with people because you disagree with their request or would handle things differently. Note, however, that polite suggestions that people also seek mundane aid are appropriate if it really looks like the person is able to do so but might not be planning to do so. Any such suggestions must be positive and practical.

Additional Rules for this Forum:

1. Please limit requests to serious needs for yourself, your family, and your friends. Only request positive assistance. Requests that the staff considers beyond the pale may be deleted.

2. This is not a debate and discussion forum. If you disagree with a request for some reason (e.g. personal morality, your religion’s teachings, etc.) just do not reply to it. Do not lecture the person on their request.

3. Suggestions of mundane ways to help deal with a situation, if presented politely, are also welcome — but do not assume that a request for prayer or healing means that the person has not or will not seek mundane aid for the problem as well.

4. If you are requesting help, remember that while prayer is good, prayer combined with mundane action — where possible — is even better.

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