Sex magick and cord creation for harmful intentions

I just recalled my ex mentioning that she practiced sex magick without my knowledge while her and I were having sex in order to ensure that I would never leave and she would be able to hold onto me. I’m almost positive this has created a cord that is too powerful for me to cut as I’ve tried three times now to no avail. Does anyone know anything about sex magick and how her intentions could have created something negative? Also any tips for finally cutting this attachment/cord so I can move forward with a positive routine and journey would be greatly appreciated.

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Websites for identification of crystals?

So I’m likely to be stemming my collection of crystals for a while (following this thread but I’ve got a few dozen, already.

A handful were purchased at odd times and for whatever reason I failed to note down, at the time, what they were — so does anyone know of any good websites as resources for identifying crystals/stones?

I’ve got a couple of booklets, but still pictures are not always the best for comparison – I’m wondering if there’s anyplace which contains more 3D images which might prove easier to get a reliable identification.

Thanks in advance.

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Connecting with the natural world when there are obstacles

So I asked this question previously within the Chavi Memorial Chronic Illness SIG, but with summer almost here I’d like to throw it open to everyone in case there are any new ideas to add to the original ones.

How do you connect with the natural world when there are barriers?

Maybe you live in the city and don’t have easy access to transport; or maybe you work really long hours, or have dependents; or whatever the reason.

If the nature & the natural world’s important to you in your path (as it is in mine), how do you keep the connection going in spite of the demands of modern life?

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Incorporating Flame-Keeping Day-to-Day

I’m new to the notion of Flame-Keeping, I’ve done some research but I’m still not 100% on what it is. I’ve had a look at the SIG but tbh it didn’t clear up much for me.

So I’m wondering about the following:
– What is Flame-Keeping
– How do I integrate it into regular life

Btw I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place, I wasn’t sure where else to post it. 😅

Thanks guys 💚


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Importance of God in Mcfarland Dianic Tradition

I have recently discovered the Mcfarland Dianic Tradition (MDT) which is Goddess oriented and accepts both males and females.  This is important for me because I am MAAB (male assigned at birth) and I identify as non-binary gender so it is really inspiring to find a tradition that accepts my current male gender presentation.

One thing that MDT believes in is the following: “our view [is] that the Goddess is the immortal supreme creatrix and the God is Her mortal lover and consort”.

I am on the fence regarding God being a mortal. I believe that there needs to be some reverence for God and I do not consider him to be totally mortal.

Does anyone have insight into this regarding whether to consider God as mortal or immortal? And how much importance to give to God?


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Makeup brand offering witchy product line

One of my areas of interest, only developed in the last few years, is in the power of cosmetics to alter the perceptions others have of you. While there is some intersection between this subject and the general topic of glamours/perception manipulation magic…it’s not one that I’ve consciously explored as of yet. There’s only so much time in the day.

Anyways, I tend to keep half an eye on new products that come out from brands I’m acquainted with, as one does.

Recently, a limited-edition collaboration product line came out that, in theory, sits squarely within the intersection of cosmetics and magical practice.

I’m deeply bothered about it from several different angles.

* The use of witchcraft/alt-stuff’s rising mainstream popularity as a marketing gimmick. Nothing new there, though.

* The sale of mass-produced “witch stuff” that doesn’t actually have anything to do with witchery other than a slapped-on label. Also, nothing new.

* The sale of mass-produced “witch stuff” that is guaranteed to have no actual magical properties because there are little-to-no magical ingredients. Also nothing new.

* The contribution it makes to perpetuating the whole ‘instagram witch’ thing. Smashbox isn’t a drugstore brand like Maybelline or L’Oreal, but it sits more-or-less at the introductory level in the cosmetics counter/shop brand hierarchy (price-wise; the quality is fantastic). The demographics skew younger than a lot of the other brands owned by Estee Lauder. I suppose that I’m irked because I see it as a bit of a remix of the 90’s teen witch fluffery.

Le sigh. I’ll freely admit that the colors are really pretty.

I just…I don’t know. I guess I want to hear other people’s thoughts on the topic. I can’t be the only one bothered.

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